Employment and tax management


Employment and tax management

We provide an administration service to our clients relating to tax, accounting, employment and business, offering the services of our expert specialized collaborators.

Tax Consultancy

We will resolve your issues regarding tax planning, manage and produce tax returns, such as, I.V.A (Vat),Impuesto de sociedades I.S (Corporate tax), I.R.P.F, impuesto sobre la renta (personal income tax). We cover all our clients’ tax needs.


We prepare and submit annual accounts and compulsory accounts records to the Companies Registry. We provide technical assistance regarding Tax Authority inspections, and updating accounts in arrears. Our professionals are also specialists in balance sheet analysis and drafting.

Employment Management

For employment matters, we provide services related to Social Security. We provide management for payroll, social security contributions, registering and cancelling employees; payment settlements and any other administrative service requested by our clients.

Business Consultancy

We carry out studies on specific companies, incorporations of trade companies, and the preparing and submitting of annual accounts. We also draw up compulsory accounts records and company registries, among other activities.