We collaborate with the finest insurance companies on the market, and offer the possibility of acting as agent when taking out any type of policy for the convenience of our clients. We particularly focus on insurance related to protection of assets, homeowner associations, and home insurance.

Specific insurance for the protection of assets

Cover for non-payment of rent

Designed for unforeseen circumstances in home rental. This type of policy has been designed to prevent you suffering the consequences of unpaid rent.

The coverage offered in this type of policy means that you can recover unpaid rent from tenants. Additionally, this type of policy provides a legal service, making it easier to recover the availability of your home as soon as possible, and guarantee compensation from any hypothetical vandalism that non-paying tenants may cause to your home. It is a very useful and complete insurance policy, at a very affordable price.

Insurance for property owners and estates

Designed for homeowner associations and property owners. This insurance is adaptable in coverage and cost according to the individual needs of your building.

Home Insurance

Conceived and designed to provide protection against a wide range of risks related to the home, as well as responsibilities deriving from it and those who live in it. This type of policy offers a series of guarantees and features that make is easily adaptable to the specific coverage needs that any type of home may require.

Other Insurance.

We offer the possibility of acting as agents for our clients when they take out any other type of insurance, and provide the most extensive service, for policies ranging from car, health, life, savings and retirement to investment.